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I had always dreamed of writing songs, but the ideas would not come. In 1991 I began a career of teaching elementary music that would last for 26 years. In the summer of 1993 God began to speak to me through melodies and words. “Keep the Faith” was the first song I wrote.

"I have received a true blessing from Heaven and have been commissioned to pass it on."

Colleen Perrine's unique and creative music takes a "Road Less Traveled", reflecting the struggles of modern life and how God gets us through.

Way, Truth and Life

Christian Songs, Praise Hymns, and Liturgies with a sprinkling of positive-message Secular Pieces


Many songs later, in 2001, WTL Music was born.  The same year I was hired by a local church to lead worship. I also designed liturgies and wrote praise hymns that were quite popular with the congregation. Upon retiring from teaching in 2016 I decided that it was time to get serious about WTL Music. My story is simple: I have received a true blessing from Heaven and I have been commissioned to pass it on.

All music copyright WTL Music Colleen Perrine

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  • Unknown Quiet Place - sample.mp30:57

My music is different from my contemporaries in that the tunes I write don’t follow the “popular” norm for Contemporary Christian music. All of my songs (except for  the few secular ones) are based on God’s word and many reflect the struggles of  modern life and how God gets us through them.  If you’re looking for something from the “road less traveled” then you’ve come to the right place. Thank you and be blessed!